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Sils Capital

Global Early Stage Venture Capital Fund

We invest in most innovative ventures from US, Israel, China and Switzerland and connect them with angel communities around the world

We work tirelessly as advisers, mentors and board members to help the entrepreneurs move business further and ensure that the ventures will always get the capital they need to grow

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About Us

Sils Capital was founded after years of working in high technology companies in California. We have a background in software, engineering and media proven through multiple startups and large companies:


  • WayGate

  • Plato Labs

  • Loop Devises

  • SalmonTrap

  • Zurock

  • ABC Television


  • Riot Games

Areas of expertise:

  • Technical Risk Assessment

  • Media Market Segmentation

  • Seed Funds Syndication

  • Financials Analysis 

  • Due Diligence Leadership

  • Term Sheet Review and Negotiation

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Venture Portfolio

We invest ONLY in game changing technologies



Makers of  SPUD®

Meet SPUD® - the first desktop-sized screen that collapses for portability. SPUD comes down to the size and weight of a book, and when expanded, it uses custom optics combined with the latest DLP technology to produce the sharp, bright image that you need


Volan Technology

Cloud Based IoT

AI-based system that cuts emergency response time to seconds and dramatically improves response effectiveness. Volan provides remarkable accuracy in real-time locating, tracking, and automatically communicating with thousands of moving people with zero dependency on cellular, GPS, wifi, and even power

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A Revolution in the Assessment of 
Otitis Media

A revolutionary new device from OtoNexus Medical Technologies uses air-coupled ultrasound technology to provide the data physicians need to instantly and accurately assess middle ear infections, and in particular to differentiate when and when not to prescribe antibiotics

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Leader in AI for Media & Advertising

TRANSFORM offers the first machine-learning and AI platform to answer the fundamental questions in media: why audiences connect, react and engage



Revolutionary Electric Commercial Aircraft

The future of aviation is electric, and Ampaire was founded on a simple question: what is the highest performance aircraft uniquely enabled by electric propulsion? Ampaire reduces aviation operating costs and reduces environmental impacts

onscale logo.png


The Cloud Engineering
Simulation Platform

By combining powerful multi-physics solver technology with the limitless compute power of cloud supercomputers, engineers can create true Digital Prototype. All multi-physics solver components and databases are included: mechanical, electrical, electrostatic, piezoelectric, thermal, all fully coupled. Immediate setup, no modules and no licence fees



Medical Robotics

AbiliTech is creating assistive devices to aid those with upper-limb neuromuscular conditions or injuries in functional activities associated with home, community, and work. The first product is an exoscheletal robotic arm which allows a full range of movements to patients who on their own fully dependent on outside help


Barcode Diagnostics

Personalized Cancer Treatment

Barcode Diagnostics provides a safe and fast personal diagnostic tool to guide physicians in selecting the optimal treatment for each cancer patient.
Targeting Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) as the first market where the solution will optimize treatment and reduce costs by $1B per year in the United State alone



Medical Diagnostics 

HT BioImaging is dedicated to the development and commercialization of a proprietary, advanced cancer detection technology. The HT BioImaging system utilizes smart algorithms to create a new imaging methodology that will be used to detect many types of malignancies that currently do not have early detection procedures and improving on existing, problematic screening methods



AI for Sports Medicine 

Physimax cloud service allows Physical therapists to conduct the familiar movement assessment tests while getting scores for mobility, stability, strength, and movement control. Physimax computer vision analysis provides data-driven and population specific comparable scores for an individual athlete, along with actionable personalized workout programs

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Future of Photography 

Snapwire enables people with a passion for photography to thrive, while making it easier for creatives to get authentic, custom photos that elevate their projects



Life Science

Visgenx addresses Mucular Degeneration and Geographic Atrophy (AMD), a late stage of muscular degeneration. 90% of all patients have Dry AMD, for which currently exists no cure. Visgenx is set to provide treatment for these patients
There are more than 11 million individuals in the United States and over 196 million worldwide

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